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Plastic ABS (Advanced Blower System)

Suitable for a 1 to 6 bedroom home (Up to 8 bedrooms in Qld)Solar

Taylex plastic tank is probably the strongest and most indestructible tank made for a home sewage treatment system in the world.

The Plastic Taylex ABS system has been created for difficult sites where installing a concrete system is not possible due to site constraints.


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See video link (at right) "Mythbusters - We Build em Tough" to see what we mean.

The plastic ABS is the same design, working capacity and flowpath as the concrete ABS.

(Please read the < Concrete ABS > for the history of how the ABS system was created, as well as its features and benefits.)

The Plastic ABS Tank

In 2006 Taylex built a plastic factory and started to produce plastic rainwater tanks. From there we were going to build a plastic treatment system. Unfortunately there was a problem.

Taylex could not find one plastic system that we were happy to build, they all had design faults of one form or another. The biggest problem we found was that the physical tank size was too small to treat effluent consistently, in other words they were cheap to build but the quality was a concern to us.

It took us 4 years of research and development to create a large one piece (monolithic) tank that we would be happy to produce as a waste water treatment system.

½ a million dollars later we have produced arguably the strongest one piece, multi chambered, plastic tank in the world. The tank has all the strength and proven advantages of the concrete ABS without the six and a half tonnes of weight factor.

If you would like to read about how an ABS works please click on this link < Concrete ABS >  and it will explain how the ABS is a culmination of more than 15 years of practical field testing.



Please look at the video link below

“We build em tough”

This will give you an idea of how strong our plastic tanks are!




When building a plastic tank this is what the directors of Taylex were looking for and this is what you should be expecting if you are going to purchase a plastic waste water treatment system.


  • a large capacity tank
  • a proven design
  • a one tank system
  • five, sealed, independent chambers
  • the sealed chambers to go all the way to the roof of the tank
  • a tank strong enough to withstand the constant ground and water pressure over a 50 year period
  • a purpose built tank with a built in anti flotation system, not an “add on later”
  • a tank with the ability to have any one chamber pumped dry without causing the tank or other walls to collapse
  • MOST OF ALL we wanted a tank that would work and last as long as your house does!!

Taylex could have accepted the norm and settle for what was on the market, but we wanted to build a world class plastic system.

If you would like to read about how an ABS works please click on this link < Concrete ABS > and it will explain how the ABS is a culmination of more than 15 years of practical field testing and more than 40 years of working knowledge!

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The Plastic ABS

Tank being installed

Tank being lowered into position with
5 tonne excavator

Easy handling - Dry weight 470kg (Tank Only)
Allow 600kg for the Lift Weight

We build 'em tough!
Driving a forklift over a lid to see how
tough it is. (Testing purposes only)


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