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Servicing the Taylex™ Home Sewage Treatment Systems


Servicing Treatment Plants

All treatment plants in Australia, as a condition of their State Accreditation Approval, are required to be serviced. The State you are in and the type of treatment system you purchase will determine how much it will cost and how often the system will be required to be serviced.

The cost of servicing Treatment Plants

The service frequency, depending on the system, will range from 1 to 4 services per year. Please note that due to different system requirements the cost of 4 services per year may be cheaper than 1 or 2 services per year. So do your homework on what charges will apply to service the system you choose.

For those people who are concerned about the cost of servicing a treatment plant please remember that if you were in a city environment, part of your rates would cover your sewage, and the difference between the rates and the servicing costs usually means that you don’t pay as much if anything at all, yet you retain all the water for your own use.

Servicing from $290 per annum (South East Queensland area) regional and remote servicing rates may be higher. Certain areas may differ due to State or Council requirements.

Who can Service a Treatment Plant?

All Treatment systems can only be serviced by qualified wastewater service personnel.

Unlicensed personnel are not allowed to service any treatment system by State Law anywhere in Australia.

HSTP’s (Household Sewage Treatment Plants) should be serviced for more important reasons than legislative compliance.

HSTP’s contain trillions of living organisms that make up a complete ecology system. They need monitoring and periodic attention for the well being of the colony. Replacing a dead colony is not as simple as going to a pet store and buying a new gold fish.

Your service person will tend and monitor your Taylex HSTP to ensure that it is always operating at peak performance, producing water that is returning to the environment as the cleanest and best quality water (effluent) that it can produce.




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