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Solar Power Requirements for Taylex ABS Systems








Taylex ABS Running on Solar

The Taylex ABS System is totally compatible with a solar system provided the solar system is:

• A stable 240 Volts AC +/- 5% maximum and a frequency of 50Hz. A pure sine wave inverter is required. A modified sine or square wave inverter may cause serious damage to some components
• The solar supply has sufficient capacity to run the components without the voltage supplied dropping when the load is applied.

For a regular household of 4 people, it is assumed that the average flow through the Taylex ABS is around 600 - 700 litres per day.

It has been calculated that the Davey D25A (Taylex’s standard irrigation pump, in some instances a Davey D42 is used) has an average flow rate of 20 Litres per minute at a head of 9 metres. With 4 adults living in a house the recommended run time for a Nitto blower, after the biology has formed, is around 40 minutes in the hour. The Taylex control panel is capable of running the blower in 10 minutes increments starting at 20 minutes in the hour then 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 minutes.

Note: Like any Sewage Treatment System, extended periods without power to the system could cause a bacteria die off and or flooding.





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