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In this section of a website there are normally a dozen or so written testimonials about a product or company.

Taylex™ sells over 2000 Home Sewage Treatment Systems annually... plus, Rainwater Tanks both in concrete and plastic... plus, other tanks and ancilliary products.

At Taylex™ we believe that word of mouth is a Company’s best form of advertising, however rather than list some testimonials that you may or may not consider genuine, we encourage you to speak to people who have had personal experience with both Taylex™ and our competitors.

You will find most people are more than happy to share their experiences both good and bad regarding the products or service they received.

Other places to look:

  • The Internet.
  • Office of Fair Trading.
  • The State Building Codes Authority e.g. QBSA
  • The State Authority that looks after Home Sewage Treatment Systems  e.g. EPA, DLGP, State Health Dept. 
  • Your local council...
  • Your builder or plumber...

If you find something that concerns you, it will also concern us and we would love to hear about it so we can address the problem, and make improvements to our company, products and services.

Please email us at (One of the company owners)

We Build Them Tough!

Taylex™ installed this "Taylex™ Compact" Treatment System on the 31-07-1997.

The homeowner needed us to move the tank as they wanted a new pool where the tank had been installed. They thought that they would need to put a new system in, but Taylex™ knew that their tank would still be in perfect condition and able to be relocated.

Taylex™ repositioned the tank, upgraded the parts to the new Taylex ABS design which will save the homeowner considerable money by saving power, and now, they have practically a new system ready to serve their household.

Everyone's happy!








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