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Septic System

We make two types of septic systems; traditional style septic tanks and our advanced septic system; the Taylex Maxi Tank.

Traditional Septic Tanks

From 4,000L – 22,000L

Taylex manufactures a range of traditional septic tanks from 4,000L to 22,000L. All tanks come with an internal baffle wall and are fitted with a Taylex filter as standard. The engineer-designed concrete vessels are covered by a 15 year warranty. Taylex has a range of outlet filters to suit all septic tanks.

Taylex Maxi Tank

The Maxi Tank is a giant version of a modern septic tank/pump station/sand filter tank. Most modern septic tanks have a maximum capacity of 4,000 litres.

Simplicity is the brilliance of the Maxi Tanks design. Due to the Maxi Tanks large size, it can hold effluent for a long period of time. The longer you can hold effluent the cleaner the water will come out the other end. The cleaner the water, the better end result for the environment and your back pocket i.e. the absorption trenches that you have installed will last longer.

The Maxi Tank can be used in several different applications:


It can be used as a traditional septic tank, it will accommodate both the black water and grey water in separate sealed chambers.


It can be used as a modern septic system where all the waste is collected in the tank and the effluent is then pumped to absorption trenches.


It can be used as a pump station that holds the solid particles in one chamber and filters the water through the other chambers to the discharge chamber. The effluent can then be pumped to sewer or to another treatment system.


The Maxi Tank is also used by companies who make Sand Filter Treatment Systems.

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