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What is a Home Sewage Treatment System?


A  Home Sewage Treatment Plant is a modern device that treats all the waste water that is generated in a domestic dwelling. The waste water includes the sewage (black water) that is discharged from the toilets and bidets and the sullage (grey water) that is discharged from kitchen sinks, hand basins, laundry troughs, washing machines, dish washers, showers and baths. It treats it in an environmentally sustainable way by making use of the naturally occurring bacteria that is present in the waste water. The system is designed to hold the polluted or degraded water in specially designed compartments where various types of bacteria can flourish and in doing so, “treat” the water, naturally, without dangerous chemicals or additives.

The first stage in a properly designed Home Sewage Treatment Plant is the primary tank or trash trap. This compartment retains untreatable or slowly treatable solids, such as grit, plastic toys, personal hygiene items, oils, fats etc, settling the heavier matter while the lighter matter floats to the surface. The chamber has little or no dissolved oxygen and is basically a primary filter. The effluent leaves this chamber from the mid-water level where it enters the secondary pre-treatment chamber, where anaerobic bacteria (bacteria that does not need oxygen to live) uses the pollutants in the water as a food source to begin to break them down.

The second stage is the aeration chamber, where air is disbursed into the liquid through a fine bubble aerator placed at the bottom of the chamber. As the tiny bubbles rise, gaseous oxygen transfers into the water, becoming dissolved oxygen, a form that aerobic bacteria (bacteria requiring oxygen to live) can access. This bacteria is much faster working than the anaerobic and can double its numbers very rapidly when a food source (contained in the polluted water) abundant oxygen and time are available. Many types of bacteria proliferate, some eating the original food and some eating other bacteria, just as nature intended. The result is a biomass of billions of naturally occurring creatures, cleaning the water of its pollutants.

The third stage is the clarification or settling stage. The cleaned water is now lighter than the polluted and the biomass will settle to the bottom if the clarifier is not disturbed. The top level water in the clarifier flows out by displacement, caused by water from the home entering the primary chamber, and flows through an ultra violet disinfection tube or through a chlorine tablet dispenser into the pump-out/chlorine contact chamber.

Automatically, the irrigation pump will transfer the now clear water out into the environment where it can be beneficially re-used for irrigation in your garden without presenting a threat to you, your family, your neighbours or the environment. 



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