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 Saving up to 50% on power costs with retro-fit new energy efficient running gear






Taylex replacing a floated, broken tank




Someone forgot to put water in this treatment system whilst building their house!


We Build Them Tough!

Taylex installed this "Compact" Treatment System 31-07-1997.

The homeowner needed us to move the tank as they wanted a new pool where the tank was.

They thought that they would need to put a new system in, but Taylex knew that the tank would still be in perfect condition and able to be relocated.

Taylex repositioned the tank, upgraded the parts to the new ABS system which will save the homeowner considerable money in power saving, and they basically have a new treatment system! Everyone's happy!


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vic show
                     Taylex at a Trade Show - Queensland                                                           Seymour Field Days, Victoria





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