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Rainwater Tanks

Concrete is capable of withstanding fire, heat, ground movement. It is a natural insulator, able to keep the stored water at a constant, cool temperature, in a dark environment which controls any algae growth. Taylex Tanks contain more concrete than other brands, they are cyclone rated. Built heavier and stronger.

Thicker Bases

The bases of our tanks are thicker to withstand the pressures of ground movement and the weight of water.

Reinforced Steel Mesh

The walls, lids and bases are reinforced with F72 and F41 steel mesh.

Tapered Walls

The walls of our tanks taper inwards from the top to the bottom so that there is more strength in the bottom of the walls where it’s needed.

PH Balancing

Naturally occurring minerals balance the PH levels of stored water, neutralising acidity. Water becomes alkaline, healthier for consumption.

Tank Sizes

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Not suitable for underground, light or heavy traffic areas
STANDARD (STD) TANKSTank DiameterTank Height (Incl. Lid)Total Weight
10,000L STD Tank2,440mm2,960mm6.3T
15,000L STD Tank3,450mm2,100mm9.4T
22,500L STD Tank3,450mm2,850mm11.2T
31,500L STD Tank3,450mm4,100mm20.2T
Not suitable for heavy traffic areas. *22,000L and 31,500L not suitable for above ground.
HEAVY DUTY (HD) TANKSTank DiameterTank Height (Incl. Lid)Total Weight
5,000L HD Tank2,440mm1,750mm5T
10,000L Squat HD Tank2,700mm2,550mm7.8T
10,000L Slimline HD Tank2,400mm3,030mm7T
15,000L HD Tank3,450mm2,1500mm10.5T
22,000L HD Tank*3,450mm2,900mm11.2T
31,500L HD Tank*3,450mm4,200mm15.5T
*16,200L not suitable for above ground.
W80 RATED TANKSTank DiameterTank Height (Incl. Lid)Total Weight
2,300L W80 Rated Tank1,446mm2,465mm4.7T
2,400L W80 Rated Tank1,446mm2,540mm5.2T
3,000L W80 Rated Tank1,690mm2,140mm5.1T
3,500L W80 Rated Tank1,690mm2,792mm6.3T
5,000L W80 Rated Tank2,470mm1,875mm8.2T
8,100L Rectangle W80 Rated Tank4,280mm 1,310mm12.3T
10,000L Squat W80 Rated Tank2,750mm2,565mm8.4T
10,000L Slim W80 Rated Tank2,400mm3,080mm7.6T
11,000L Slim W80 Rated Tank2,400mm3,410mm9.3T
15,000L Slim W80 Rated Tank3,473mm2,200mm16.2T
16,200L Rectangle W80 Rated Tank*4,280mm2,470mm20T
22,500L Slim W80 Rated Tank3,4980mm3,060mm16T
32,000L W80 Rated Tank3,473mm4,000mm19.1T
45,000L W80 Rated Tank3,498mm5,720mm23T

Types of Installations

In Ground

Approximately 300mm - 500mm should be above ground level. Suitable for all tanks.

Above Ground

Tank to be placed on a boxed or sunken pad of 5mm-7mm gravel, 100mm deep.

Sloping Ground

Taylex Rainwater Tanks are NOT RETAINING WALLS. A flat, level area larger than the tank on all sides will need to be cut before the tank can be installed.

Under Ground

Tanks can be buried underground, with only an inspection hole visible at ground level. Only suitable for Heavy Duty and W80 Tanks.

2 Part Tank - 31,500L

In-ground installations are best for these tanks. Soil levels should be the same on all sides of the tanks to prevent leaking or movement of the tank. Also, where possible, the middle join should be placed underground.

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