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Trust Taylex Since 1969

Welcome to Taylex, an Australian family-owned company founded in 1969. We have 80 plus employees and over 90 trained wastewater specialists who market, install and service our range nationally in Australia and New Zealand. Post installation, we have a network of over 400 trained Service Technicians to provide the ongoing care and maintenance for your system.

We manufacture a range of products for Wastewater, Rainwater and Stormwater, we also offer Servicing for our wastewater systems. Taylex was the first company to manufacture Home Sewage Treatment Systems in Australia and we continue to be leaders in our field.



With over 50 years of experience, building our reputation, Taylex is the trusted voice for the wastewater industry. We work closely with the national manufacturers association and governing bodies to lobby for more stringent wastewater regulations to ensure the highest level of treatment is met and to provide you with the best results possible.


We honour warranties. We stand behind our products, for their lifetime, no questions, no fine print. We are an Australian owned and made family business. We are passionate about producing quality products that work. We take care of our staff. We value the environment and human health.

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Our Systems work! Taylex use Monolithic, single piece moulds meaning no deteriorating seals or weak post-joined walls, which could expose your family to catastrophic failure of your system. There’s no skimping on parts from the biggest pump down to the smallest seal. Our systems are designed and engineered to last as long as your home.

Innovation & Longevity

Taylex is at the cutting edge of environmentally sound wastewater treatment that is healthy for your family and the environment. We are constantly testing and improving our systems to not only provide unparalleled quality and unmatched results, but to ensure the most stringent safety standards are met. We are constantly striving to improve and perfect.

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