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Stormwater Drainage System

Shield your property from stormwater damage with Taylex’s advanced Stormwater Drainage Systems, specifically designed for Australian conditions. Understanding the unique challenges posed by Australia’s unpredictable weather patterns, Taylex partners with leading engineers to offer innovative stormwater solutions that mitigate flooding risks and protect waterways from pollutants.

Explore our range of offerings, including stormwater detention and retention systems, emergency storage, water harvesting solutions, underground fire service tanks, and gross pollutant traps. Our cutting-edge systems ensure efficient water capture, storage, and reuse, helping you safeguard against flooding while promoting sustainability.

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Australia's top engineers

We collaborate with Australia’s top engineers to come up with the smartest solutions.


Protecting the waterways

We manufacture products for partners that prevent gross pollutants from entering our waterways.


For Australian conditions

Our systems are designed for Australian conditions to mitigate flooding risk during big rain events.

Taylex can help you with

  • Stormwater Detention
  • Stormwater Retention
  • Sewer Emergency Storage
  • Water Storage Harvesting
  • Underground Fire Service Tanks
  • Gross Pollutant Traps

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Stormwater Drainage System FAQs

How can stormwater enter our wastewater system?

Stormwater enters wastewater systems through illegal connections, cracks in sewer pipes, or when sewers overflow during heavy rains.

How does stormwater drainage work?

Stormwater drainage systems collect runoff from hard surfaces and channel it into basins or ponds that reduce flooding and filter pollutants before releasing water into natural bodies.

What can go down stormwater drains?

Only rainwater should enter stormwater drains. But oil, chemicals, litter, and waste are often carried into waterways, harming water quality and ecosystems.

What are the best practices for maintaining stormwater systems?

Some of the best practices for maintaining stormwater systems  include:

  • Regularly clearing debris from drains.
  • Inspecting and repairing infrastructure.
  • Managing surrounding vegetation to ensure clear water flow.

How can individuals contribute to effective stormwater management?

Individuals can help reduce runoff pollution by installing rain barrels, using permeable paving, maintaining natural vegetation, and avoiding harmful chemicals.

What technologies are advancing stormwater management?

New technologies include:

  • Real-time monitoring systems.
  • Green infrastructure like green roofs and bio-swales.
  • GIS tools for optimising stormwater system design and management.