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Steps To Installing Your Taylex



Taylex, your builder, or installer will help you to get the correct design and submit it to your council. The design will tell us how large the irrigation areas need to be, where on your block they should go and whether they will be above or below ground irrigation systems.



Once the wastewater design is completed and submitted to council, we will then have all of the information we need to give you a quote for the supply, installation and commissioning of your home sewage treatment system.




In the case of a new build, your new Taylex system should be the first thing to be installed on your block, before any other building work has started. As soon as your builder has completed any earthworks and marked out the house area, the position of your Taylex system can be marked out, and the tank/s installed. Irrigation is installed later on, at commissioning.

We can manage the installation process directly with your builder or plumber, who will then discuss matters with you that may affect the final outcome, like sub-surface rock and positioning of tanks. This ensures a smooth installation process, with maximum aesthetic value and minimum environmental impact.




As your new home is nearing completion, it will be time to commission your Taylex system. Your builder will arrange a commissioning date that is at least two weeks before your move-in date. Commissioning involves getting your system up and running, and installing the irrigation.



Commissioning is your first official service, welcome to Taylex Servicing! Taylex include the first 12 months of servicing with each new system. All home sewage treatments systems are required by law to be serviced regularly, usually quarterly. Your system should only be serviced by a Taylex Accredited Service Agent. Your local council will enforce these laws. After your first year, you can renew your service contract with Taylex Servicing on an annual basis for up to three years at a time.

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