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Taylex's Location

We take pride in being the leaders in wastewater treatment systems, providing innovative, sustainable solutions designed to meet the unique needs of both residential and commercial sectors. Our commitment to quality, efficiency, and environmental preservation drives us to deliver state-of-the-art products and services that ensure the well-being of our communities and the protection of our natural surroundings.

Our services extend across Australia, serving various locations, from the bustling streets of Sydney to the tranquil coastlines of the Central Coast. We have a consolidated list of areas where we offer our expert solutions, ensuring that Taylex is always there to support your wastewater treatment requirements no matter where you are in Australia.

Our Locations

Australia Adelaide


Adelaide homes, lacking sewer access, face unique wastewater management challenges. Taylex offers advanced systems, customised for the diverse Adelaide landscape.

Albury Wodonga


Albury Wodonga, where NSW and Victoria meet, boasts natural beauty and rich heritage. With growing population, efficient waste management is crucial, and we provide the solution.

Beaudesert, Queensland


In Beaudesert, rural living fuels septic tank demand. High demand for septic tanks drives us to provide top wastewater solutions for locals, ensuring sanitation needs are met effectively.

Bendigo, Australia


Bendigo, in Victoria's heart, combines natural beauty, rich history, and community spirit. As it grows, so does the need for efficient waste management, which is where we come in to assist.

Brisbane, Australia


Brisbane's expanding rural living trend brings sewer access challenges, met effectively by Taylex's leading wastewater treatment solutions for off-sewer homes.

Bundaberg, Australia


Bundaberg relies on septic tanks for wastewater treatment in areas without sewage systems. These underground systems ensure proper wastewater collection and disposal in this picturesque Queensland city.

Cairns, Australia


Cairns, the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, boasts an efficient infrastructure system. Our modern wastewater treatment offers cost and environmental benefits for a sustainable future.

Parliament House, Canberra


Canberra, Australia's political heart and largest inland city, has diverse waste needs due to its rural-urban mix. Taylex addresses this with specialised wastewater systems for homes and businesses.

Central Coast, Australia

Central Coast

The Central Coast, with its stunning landscapes, lacks widespread sewer connectivity. Taylex delivers eco-friendly wastewater solutions, ensuring residents enjoy their surroundings worry-free.

Darwin, Australia


In Darwin, where many homes lack sewer connectivity, Taylex provides specialised wastewater treatment solutions suited to the unique landscape and management needs.

Geelong, Australia


Geelong, a major Victorian city with beautiful beaches and history, faces growing waste management needs with its expanding population. We provide essential solutions to meet this demand.

Geraldton, Australia


Geraldton, renowned for its breathtaking scenery, relies on conventional septic tanks. Taylex pioneers sustainable systems, replacing old tanks for a greener future.

Gippsland, Australia


Gippsland's stunning landscapes contrast with its wastewater challenges. Taylex steps up, offering advanced, sustainable alternatives to traditional septic systems, marking a shift towards a cleaner future.

Gold Coast, Australia

Gold Coast

With Gold Coast residents embracing rural living, accessing sewer systems becomes a hurdle. Taylex's top wastewater treatment for off-sewer homes provides a dependable solution to this growing need.

Gympie, Australia


Gympie, where Queensland's landscapes meet, blends nature, culture, and a rising population. As waste management needs grow, our solutions become crucial in this scenic area.

Hervey Bay

In Hervey Bay, Taylex provides advanced, tailored wastewater solutions for homes and businesses, replacing outdated septic systems for a sustainable future.

Hobart, Australia


Hobart's outskirts face sewer access challenges. Taylex offers top wastewater treatment solutions for homes beyond council boundaries, ensuring effective sanitation.

Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley, where natural beauty meets cultural heritage, thrives with a growing community. Efficient waste management is essential, and we're here to help.

Margaret River, Australia

Margaret River

Margaret River's allure and cultural richness require urgent waste management solutions for its growing population. Effective waste management is crucial, and we offer the solution.



Melbourne's population growth leads homeowners to rural and semi-rural settings, facing sewer system access challenges. We offer effective wastewater treatment solutions for these off-sewer homes.

Mount Barker, Australia

Mt Barker

Mount Barker, South Australia's rapidly growing regional hub, attracts settlers with its community spirit and scenic vistas. As demand rises, we excel in septic tank services for seamless living.

Australia Newcastle


Newcastle's population growth and scenic beauty have increased the demand for septic solutions outside council areas. Taylex provides leading wastewater treatment systems to meet this need.

Perth, Australia


As one of Australia's regional areas, there can be quite a few off-sewer homes, and access to the council sewer system can present a challenge. To combat this issue, Taylex proudly offers our selection of wastewater treatment systems in Perth.

Shepparton, Australia


Shepparton, renowned for its dairy and agriculture, lacks full sewer access. To combat this, Taylex supplies high-quality, advanced wastewater treatment systems tailored to its needs.

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast's rural shift brings sewer system challenges. Taylex, the leading wastewater treatment provider for off-sewer homes, offers a reliable solution for residents in these areas.

Sydney Opera House


Sydney faces the challenge of homes disconnected from the local sewer network. Taylex rises to this challenge, offering innovative wastewater management solutions tailored to Sydney’s unique landscape.

Australia Toowoomba


With Toowoomba's booming population and residential development, the demand for effective septic systems rises. Taylex answers this with top-tier wastewater treatment options.


With its fast-growing population, Wollongong requires advanced waste management solutions. We step in to meet this demand in the vibrant coastal city.