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Commercial Treatment Systems


Taylex Standard Off-the Shelf Commercial Systems ranging from
5,000Lt per day to 50,000Lt per day and we call it...


CABS overview

These CABS systems are a scaled up version of our proven domestic Taylex ABS system, (of which we sell more than 2,000 a year!)

Each CABS Module has a total design capacity of 5,000 litres per day.

The systems are installed in parallel for daily flows exceeding 5,000 litres to form a reliable, cost effective commercial treatment system for volumes of up to 30,000LPD.

Some benefits of the CABS Modular system include:

  • The system capacity can be increased by installing addition modules
  • The investment in each module is highly cost competitive
  • Installation times as short as one day
  • Maintenance costs are low as the systems are robust and easy to access with only 4 moving parts, available “off the shelf”
  • The monolithic tank design gives a strong wheel like design, where all compartment walls are cast in one up to the lid, preventing cross-contamination of effluent.
  • The design capacity of every chamber provides a large buffer zone against overloading.
  • When installed in multiple modules, if one system breaks down, it will not affect the operation of the remaining system.

What is the cost of a CABS??

This is a complex question with many variables.

Some of these include:

• Where the site is and its access
• What type of effluent Quality is required
• The size and type of the irrigation field
• State Government requirements
• The type of environmental report that is required

We can only price the actual tank until all of the above questions are answered.

You will need to allow extras for such things as:

Transport, Installation, Electrical Connections, any plumbing to the tank that is required, an approved irrigation area, a site and soil report, Government charges, wet weather storage tanks if required.



What is the Cost of the CABS??
(Commercial Advanced Blower System)

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