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  Taylex™ Rainwater Tanks

Taylex is probably the largest producer of concrete rainwater tanks in Australia. In 2006 Taylex established a plastic company to supply our customers with a range of Plastic Rainwater tanks to suit their requirements.

The biggest question we get asked is which is better, concrete or plastic? There is no simple answer.

You must take into account things like: your budget, site accessibility, positioning of  tanks - above or below ground, what they are being used for, what capacity is needed, how much room do I have on my property. Will the tanks be driven over. etc.

We have included below a pdf file of our 8 page Rainwater Tank brochure that should answer most questions. 8 page Rainwater Tank Brochure pdf

Download our TANK WALLS by Taylex brochure pdf

Tank Walls by Taylex


Concrete Tanks Warranty

arrowConcrete Tank Warranty

arrowDefinitions of Trafficable and Non-Trafficable Rainwater Tank Lidspdf

Concrete Tank Excavation & Installation Instructions

arrow5000Lt with Trafficable Lid pdf

arrow10000Lt SQUAT with Light Trafficable Lid pdf

arrow10000Lt SLIMLINE with Light Trafficable Lid pdf

arrow15000Lt with Non Trafficable Lidpdf

arrow15000Lt with Light Trafficable Lid pdf

arrow22000Lt with Non Trafficable Lidpdf

arrow22000Lt with Light Trafficable Lid pdf

arrow31500Lt with Non Trafficable Lid pdf

Plastic Tanks Warranty

arrowPlastic Tank Warrantiespdf

Plastic Tanks Installation Instructions

arrowInstallation Instructions pdf



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