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The Deluxe - Concrete

Suitable for larger homes

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The Deluxe was designed in the late 80’s. It was designed for larger homes.

It is a two tank system with a very large working capacity. We have not changed the physical tank design since it was first built, we have modernised the running components in the system.

If you are looking to build a large home this tank will stand the test of time.

Below is the steps of how a Deluxe System works


Step 1: All waste from the home enters the primary pre-treatment chamber of the Taylex System with liquid then flowing into the secondary chamber. The time that waste spends in both these anaerobic* chambers allows bacterial action to condition it before it flows into the aeration chamber.

Step 2: The aeration chamber is designed to retain & mix the liquid while aerobic** bacteria digest the organic material. The aerator introduces oxygen by drawing fresh air through the vent and injecting it into the chamber while circulating the entire contents. The aerobic** bacteria multiply rapidly in this oxygen enriched environment and are thoroughly mixed with the pre-treated liquid to ensure complete oxidation of all organic material.

Step 3: The liquid then flows into the clarification chamber for settlement where the remaining organics are further digested by bacteria living on specially designed bio-mass sheets.

Step 4: Pre-treated, aerated and settled, the liquid then passes through a Taylex filter prior to chlorination. The filtered liquid passes through a chlorinator which ensures the disinfection of the reclaimed effluent.

Then your reclaimed effluent is returned to the environment via spray or underground irrigation by a silent pump.

1st Tank Construction – All Concrete (round)
Height - 2140mm
Inlet Invert (from Base) - 1700mm
Tank Diameter - 1930mm
Maximum Dry Weight - 4 tonnes

2nd Tank Construction – All Concrete (oblong)
Height - 1800mm
Inlet Invert (from Base) - 1400mm
Length x Width - 3200mm x 1700mm
Maximum Dry Weight - 5.2 tonnes


Power Consumption

Power is becoming a real concern for everyone and we are aware that our customers require more power saving opportunities. The Deluxe, the Advanced Blower System and the Domestic Membrane Systems can turn the air blower on and off as the load dictates- unlike other units that run 24 hours a day. In the ABS alone, tests have proven that it’s air blower costs 18.66c per day to run, plus the running of the irrigation pump - which will depend on your water usage in the house. Most households will pump out 3-5 times a day.

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