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Why Buy a Taylex™ Product?

Standing the test of time

We are the oldest and largest manufacturer of Home Sewage Treatment Plants in Australia. We are also one of the largest manufacturers of concrete rainwater tanks.

Our products generally have to last a long time and in a lot of cases our products will be around a long time after our current directors have gone. So you should ensure when purchasing a product that the company is also going to be around long enough to fix and service any issues that may arise. Taylex is more than 45 years old and we now have 50+ staff, which includes 3 generations of our family working in our business.

Please read some of the reasons why you should choose a Taylex system

Our Products – Taylex your One Stop Shop!

Taylex has one of the largest range of tanks in the Australian market, and because of our age and knowledge, we understand how to build good reliable products without making fundamental mistakes.


arrowTaylex Product Warranties

This is so important when comparing products.

We have many people call us for advice on a product they have purchased from a company that is no longer in business. Or, a company who will not come and fix a problem.

At Taylex, we pride ourselves on building products that are strong and reliable. But like all manufacturers we may occasionally have an issue arise...

The difference is that we fix our problems because our name is stamped on the product and we value our name and our place in the market.

Taylex™ has a simple philosophy on warranty, we fix our problems and in turn our clients tell others then consequently we sell more products.

The Taylex™ name alone is a Guarantee and sells a lot of products for us!
Please see our warranty details in our product brochures.

Value for money

At Taylex™ we build the best products we can to sell for a fair market price.

The more products we sell, the cheaper we can sell them for. In the past we have been able to hold our prices steady for up to 3 years. With your support in buying our products, we will continue this policy.

Our product catalogue price is held for a minimum of 12 months

Service - Project Manage each job

When dealing with our customers we don’t just sell you a tank. Our sales people and distributors will project manage your purchase and install from start to finish. When requested, we will gladly organise the soil / engineer's report, organise the installation and irrigation areas and liaise with your builder or plumber. After the installation is complete we will ensure that any problems are quickly rectified so you can enjoy the benefits from your purchased product as thousands of satisfied customers have done for over 45+ years.

Taylex’s Distribution Network

Taylex™ has a network of factory trained distributors all over Australia. Our distributors in most cases are licensed plumber/drainers. Taylex™ supports and trains our distributors with factory training seminars. We also send them a detailed monthly newsletter that contains information on what's happening in our industry and it keeps them up to date with new product information and what we at Taylex™ are doing for them and our clients.

It is gratifying to see that some of our distributors who have been with Taylex™ for more than 20 years are now retiring and passing their businesses on to their children. This is what Taylex™ is all about. Building long term commitments and relationships with our clients and distributors.

Research and Development

We are continually expanding our product range and looking all over the world for advances and new ideas for our industry. Ironically, our directors have travelled around the globe and every time we come back to Australia, we look at our products and realise that, if anything, other countries should be coming here! We continue to look and actively work on our research and development programs and every year we learn more and more about our products, how to improve them and as a consequence, pass this knowledge on, through our products, for our clients benefit.

Taylex™ commitment to our customers

Every day we practice what we preach. We focus on our products and service. If you feel that we have not met the standard that you expect from Taylex™ and you think we can do better, please tell our directors. Let us know how we can help you and meet your expectations of us.

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